A Precarious Future: Five Takeaways from our Survey of Early Career Researchers in Archaeology

The results of our 2021 international online survey of 419 early career researchers in archaeology are now available Open Access on European Journal of Archaeology:

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A Precarious Future: Reflections from a Survey of Early Career Researchers in Archaeology

Key findings:

  • Postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers are passionate about their job but pessimistic about their chances to stay long-term in academia. 84.2% of respondents reported a lack of future career development options.
  • High levels of stress related to financial insecurity (87.1% of respondents), with 37.3% of MA holders and 32.8% of PhD holders not considering themselves financially independent.
  • A chronic lack of support and opportunities for early career researchers. Less than half of the respondents were offered special assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Over two third of the respondents (68.0%) were female, highlighting the asymmetrical nature of the challenges faced.
  • Edifying levels of bullying and discrimination in the workplace, particularly targeting women and minorities, reflected in the over 180 open-ended comments received.

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