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Our survey of ECAs in academia is now closed. Thank you to everyone who took the survey. We had over 400 responses! Read the results here

All responses are anonymous and are treated confidentially. No e-mail addresses are collected. For any information, you can contact us at: ecataskforce@outlook.com

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One of the key aims of this community is to listen to and communicate the issues that particularly affect ECAs, who otherwise often feel they have no way of voicing their concerns.

The surveys cover topics such as job and financial insecurity, imposed mobility, lack of research freedom, and the result of these pressures on economic and mental well-being

We hope that by highlighting the widespread and intensive pressures that ECAs face we can start a dialog with employers, research and funding institutes and supervisors so that these issues might be better addressed.

ECA is a grassroots initiative of the European Association of Archaeologists, designed to listen to, and communicate the issues that particularly affect early career archaeologists

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