Our Community approved by the EAA

The EAA Executive Board approved our application to form the ‘Early Career Archaologists’ (ECA) Community. The Community web page is now live by clicking the Community title at https://www.e-a-a.org/EAACommunities.

The ECA Community will continue the activities of the ‘Early Research Careers in Archaeology’ (ERCA) task force, created in November 2019 to address employment precarity in the early stages of archaeologists’ careers and its impact on, e.g. economic and mental wellbeing, research independence and representation.

Specifically, the task force was set up to highlight the widespread trend to substitute permanent position in archaeology with fixed-term and underpaid jobs. The aim is to gather intelligence on this subject, build awareness and develop a series of recommendations to improve early careers in archaeology.

The task force consists of Maxime Brami, Stephanie Emra, Aldo Malagó, Bogdana Milić and Antoine Muller. Manuel Fernandez-Götz served as the EAA Executive Board ex officio member. We thank him and other members of the Executive Board for their continuous support!