How do I find jobs, post-doctoral positions, grants, and funding opportunities?

Navigating the post-doctoral job market can be tricky and frustrating. However, we have collated some useful links that should hopefully help with this process, reducing the time and stress you exert on job-hunting!

We also recommend signing up to the mailing lists of institutions and specialist disciplines of archaeology as fully funded PhDs, post-doctoral research positions, jobs, funding opportunities, conferences and workshops, and publications/published research are often circulated through them. The list of research institutions is not exhaustive; so, if you cannot find what you are looking for, we recommend also using the internet to try and find your local research institution and/or the most appropriate research institute in the region/country where your fieldwork and research is based.

Another useful resource is the Mentoring Program we are establishing which will provide a way of bringing ECAs together to help each other as a community.